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I'm a family tradion witch, learning the craft from my grandmothers knee..was raised in Belfast, No. Ireland until age 14, then came to the States..a long long long time ago!!   LOL!  I have been a devoted follower of My Lady Brighid , who chose me when I was a little girl.I have been a witch as long as I can remember, was a coven member for quite a number of years, then due to strife inside the coven, (actually a out and out war between 2 priestesses, which left most of us with a bad taste in our mouths) left and became a semi solitary. I say semi solitary as I do have a large circle of pagan friends in the community and we join together for a lot of rituals. I was thrilled when I discovered the ORD, it is just what I had been searching for! Blessed be to Brighid  for bringing me to all of   dear sisters!