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     "The Aspen is a tree which shares mythic significance with the White Poplar,but since aspens areindigenous to much of the U.S., and the poplar is a tree of Western Europe, wewill deal with theAspen as the tree of the season.

     In a grove of aspen trees, it is never silent. The leaves tremble in theslightest breeze, giving thetree the nickname "Quaking Aspen". It is said that if one is silent in a groveof aspens, one willhear the whispered voices of Fey Folk.

      At the time of the Autumn Equinox, the Aspen tree's leaves are turning a brilliant gold. Thecolour is so intense that in the dim greyness of Autumn skies, the light withina grove of aspentrees is often brighter than that outside. The round gold leaves look likecoins, and legends ofthose who go home from beneath the Hollow Hills with their pockets filled withfaery gold always state that in the light of day this gold becomes a handful of round golden leaves. This goldencolour reminiscent of bright summer sunshine makes this tree the perfect symbolfor the stationof the Autumn Equinox. Just as the days and nights pause in their motion for amoment of balance,and light and darkness are equal, so do the turning leaves of the Aspen,reflecting the Sun'sbrilliance, serve to remind us that at the depth of darkness, the next stationof the Winter Solstice, we can be assured of the rebirth of Light.

     The Aspen has a special significance to Witches, as all the aspen trees in asingle grove grow fromone reality, all we see above the ground shares a root system andis in reality one tree.This makes the Aspen a perfect natural exemplar of clan or family, as well asthe traditions ofthe ancestors and the law and courage and faith of the ancient peoples on whomour knowledge ofCraft is built, and from whom sprung our lore as well as our lives.  

       The Celtic Tree Alphabet assigns the letter "Eadha" or "E" to the aspentree. "Ela", theWhistling Swan, readies her brood for flight from winter's cold at this time. And the sound of the  long "e" is an exhalation of breath, very like the sound symbolic ofthe dying year"